Founded in 2010 by Chicago artist Monternez Rezell, Movement Revolution Dance Crew (MRDC) has performed in over 10+ venues in and around the greater Chicago area. With the support of the Chicago Human Rhythm Project, and residency at Mayfair Arts Center, MRDC has been able to keep up a consistent performance schedule for both its professional and pre-professional companies since its founding, and currently the companies perform and compete up to six times a year. 

In order to pursue its mission of spreading the authentic lineage and history of Hip Hop culture, MRDC offers multiple different programs that feature the five elements of Hip Hop in a variety of ways. Since 2015, MRDC has staged a yearly public performance at the Old Town School of Folk Music titled "Jammin' with the Boombox" to showcase each of the five elements throughout the show. MRDC also offers summer camps and school-based workshops featuring their original curriculum called “Healthy Hip Hop”. 

MRDC’s recent performances include venues such as World of Dance, THAW, Benfest, Chicago SummerDance Celebration, Dance Chicago, Chicago Humanities Festival, Bucktown Arts Fest, Carnival Choreographers Festival, Prelude, HYPE!, Chicago Urban Dance United, and more


Movement Revolution Dance Crew (MRDC) is a non-profit performing arts organization serving youth and adults in Chicago through a wide range of classes, workshops, and performances which feature the multiple artistic disciplines within the five elements of Hip Hop culture. By utilizing all five of these elements in its programs, MRDC seeks to inspire ​“Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun” ​ while also providing quality, accessible public arts programming that is authentic to the history and culture of Hip Hop. In performance, MRDC explores the movement genres of street dances, club dances and social dances from the hip hop culture keeping the original classic hip hop flavor and mixing it with contemporary styles.  Movement Revolution is proud to host both a professional and pre-professional dance company full of diverse backgrounds and talent. Through pushing the boundaries of dance technique and blending street art with concert performances, MRDC counters stereotypes by spreading the positive, inclusive, and dynamic message of true Hip Hop culture.