What We Do

Movement Revolution Dance Crew (MRDC) is a non-profit hip hop dance crew and performing arts collective. MRDC creates dance, produces an annual concert, teaches youth programs, and provides enrichment through community engagement. 

There are 3 divisions of the Movement Revolution Dynasty.

Movement Revolution Dance Crew - Adults
Movement Revolution Future Crew - Teens
Movement Revolution Youth Crew - 8 -13 yrs

These programs provide training for dancers who want to learn about the history, culture, and technique of Hip Hop and street dance. We offer weekly classes as well as a week-long summer camp. Our youth and teen programs are dedicated to sharing "Peace, Love, Unity, and Havin' Fun". Learn more about our classes here.

“Dance is our ART, Movement is our paintbrush and the World is our Canvas!”

Movement Revolution Dance Crew (MRDC) was founded in 2010 by Chicago native Monternez Rezell. As Artistic Director Monte takes street dance to another level by integrating the street culture into concert dance; all while paying tribute to the founders and originators of the hip hop culture. MRDC performs several styles of street dance seen in hip hop culture including breaking, popping, locking, waving, and litefeet as well as other club dances and social dances. 

In addition to performing, MRDC takes pride in sharing our knowledge, passion, and dance skills with students of all ages across the Chicago-land area. Members of Movement Revolution Dance Crew travel to various elementary and high schools teaching “Healthy Hip Hop”. This dance and performing arts program serves youth in underresourced neighborhoods with a focus that enriches students, introduces them to music and dance as well as teaches them life lessons through Hip Hop. Healthy Hip Hop teaches students the value of positive art; Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun.

Learn more about our community outreach and education programs here.