Founder and Creative Director

Monternez is the founder and Artistic director of Movement Revolution Dance Crew. He has been dancing professionally since 2006 and started MRDC in 2010. As a street dancer raised on the south side of Chicago, he began dancing and performing as a child and continues to practice and perform all styles of hip hop dance, break dance and tumbling. As a teaching and performing artist, he has traveled to many cities in the US and across the world such as Jamaica, China, Germany, France, Canada and more dancing and teaching. He has also choreographed for many crews, companies, studios and competition teams across the US, has been featured on America's Got Talent, selected for the USA dance team and competed in the Dance Olympics and is a Guinness Book of World Record holder.


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Lily Jean finds comfort in weirdness. And has been working as a performer of all things ‘slightly left of up’ since returning to Chicago in 2014. As a company member of Movement Revolution Dance Crew, she has been a part their work that is interdisciplinary and explorative. They use their art as a way to promote everyday practices of peace, love, and happiness within their community. Lily most recently appeared in the collaborative projects with  many other companies.







Ashley is a lawyer, dancer, and choreographer born in Berwyn, Illinois and raised in Southern California. She began dancing at the age of twelve and continues to practice and perform contemporary dance, ballet, and hip hop with several companies in Chicago. Outside of the dance studio, she teaches yoga and continues to practice law full-time.


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Vanessa Kazmer has been dancing since she was 4 years old. In the styles of jazz, ballet, tap, and hip hop. She minored in dance at Loyola University Chicago and was involved in multiple dance groups throughout college. Along with performing with MRDC, Vanessa is a member of Matter Dance Company, an eclectic company in Chicago that performs all styles of dance.







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